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High Cycle Vibrator with three-phase low induction electric motor...
180 Hz frequency
High cycle means just what the name implies. The 180 Hz frequency maximizes the efficiency of the three-phase low induction electric motor located within the vibrator head. The high efficiency is due in part to the motor’s high torque as well as constant speed. It is ideal for low slump concrete. The high Cycle Vibrator is recommend for general heavy construction, for example, bridges, walls, roadways, etc.
sealed brass switch box and sectional hose option


Features include a steel or interchangeable rubber nose. Large capacity dual eccenctric bearings for longer life. Replaceable eccentric barrel for minimal repair costs. High eccentric value for large radius of effect. Large motor bearings for longer bearing life. Bronze cooling fan for total circulation of air throughout the motor to eliminate heat build-up.

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Flexible shaft vibrator with portable motor


Flexible shaft vibrators are designed for all general construction. Typical applications include footings and stem walls, small slabs, driveways, and stairways. They are very portable and convenient to use.

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Pneumatic vibrators for all general construction

The Pneumatic vibrators are designed for mass concrete pours requiring prolonged continuous operation. The absence of heat build-up makes prolonged operation possible. The 3-1/2 & 4-1/2 inch Pneumatic vibrator units were designed for large pours with large aggregate. Requires compressor with a SCFM of 60 to 220 at 90 PSI. Applications include large projects such as hydroelectric power dams, large structural bearing walls, large piers, etc. The units are BEARINGLESS – ONLY TWO MOVING PARTS! A choice of steel or rubber handle is available on the Model A450.

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High Cycle Generator


Full 4 KW - 3 Phase - 180 Hz
115V or 230V (Reconnectable) Briggs & Stratton 8 HP Engine IC Series
- Cast Iron Bore
OR Honda 8 or 9 HP Engine IC Series

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Universal all-around concrete vibrator

The Universal model RG60 was designed as an all-around concrete vibrator. This motor-in-head unit runs between 10,000 to 14,000 RPM. The motor will operate on either current (DC) or ordinary alternating current (AC) The motor requires 115 volts and draws approximately 4 amperes. Typically used with average slump concrete mixes in retaining walls, bridge decks, and columns requiring long hose lengths..

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We service
most brands:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Pneumantic
  • Electric

PPU shown with optional quick release


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