Flexible Shaft Concrete Vibrators

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Flexible shaft vibrators are designed for all general construction. Typical applications include footings and stem walls, small slabs, driveways, and stairways.

They are very portable and convenient to use.

Quick Release for Flexible shaft applications: Simple, effective and easy to use, the quick release package includes a new style motor end snout and an adaptor for the flexible shaft housing. It allows quick removal of the core and housing assembly for storage or a change to a different shaft length or head size. This new quick release system can easily be retrofitted to Denver Concrete Vibrator flexible shaft units already in the field. The Quick Release option package includes a new motor end, and one adaptor. Additional adaptors are available.

Backpack for flexible shaft units: This comfortable cushioned fiberglass frame moves the flexible shaft motor out of a man's hand and on to his back. It also serves to help keep equipment cleaner, and off the ground.

Insulated heads for epoxy coated rebar applications: Now available for jobs that require a cushioned head to protect the epoxy rebar, we offer 1 3/4", 2" and 2 ½" insulated heads for both our flexible shaft units and High Cycle units. Pneumatic heads can also be insulated.


  • High amplitude heads for greater radius of effect.
  • Nine standard lengths of flexible shafts assemblies are available at all times.
  • The finest quality flexible housing available.
  • Custom lengths are available by special order. Sealed bearings require no lubrication.
  • Six head sizes available for a wide variety of jobs .
  • A connector is available to connect two shafts to extend shaft length .
  • Standard diameter flexible shafts are interchangeable with any of the four larger head sizes.
  • Interchangeable steel/rubber nose on the five larger heads. Core and housing, with head sizes of 1 1/2" diameter or larger, can be reversed, head end to motor end, to extend housing and core life.

Flex Shaft Head Performance Data

Model Head DiameterHead LengthHead WeightDiameter of Effect*Vibrations per
1/2 Wave
13/16"6"1 lbs3" to 7"12,00061 lbs0.024"
D.8113/16"11"1 lbs5" to 11"
12,000141 lbs0.03"
D1.251.25"8"2 lbs10" to 15"12,000178 lbs0.035"
D1.51.5"13"5 lbs12" to 18"10,000435 lbs0.045"
D1.751.75"15"7 lbs14" to 21"10,000830 lbs0.05"
D2.02.0"10"6 lbs16" to 24"10,000900 lbs0.055"
D2.52.5"10"9 lbs20" to 30"10,0001,260 lbs0.055"
D2.75 Spud2.75"6"7 lbs14" to 21"12,000818 lbs0.035"
D3.03.0"12"15 lbs24" to 36"10,0001,676 lbs0.039"

*The diameter of effect varies with wetness of the pour. The lower number is based upon a 2 to 4 inch slump.

Motor, Shaft and Head Pairing Recommendations.

Motor Size1.0 HP1.5 HP2.5 HP
Head SizeRecommended Maximum Shaft Length
13/16"20 ft.20 ft.20 ft.
1.25"16 ft.16 ft.20 ft.
1.5"10 ft.14 ft.20 ft.
1.75"-14 ft.20 ft.
2. 0"-12 ft.20 ft.
2.5"-10 ft.20 ft.
2.75" Spud-14 ft.20 ft.
3.0"--14 ft.

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