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Pneumatic Vibrators

pneumatic vibratorsPneumatic - The Pneumatic vibrators are designed for mass concrete pours requiring prolonged continuous operation. The absence of heat build-up makes prolonged operation possible. The 3-1/2" & 4-1/2" + 6" inch Pneumatic vibrator units were designed for large pours with large aggregate. Requires compressor with a SCFM of 60 to 220 at 90 PSI.

Applications include large projects such as hydroelectric power dams, large structural bearing walls, large piers, etc.

The units are BEARINGLESS – ONLY TWO MOVING PARTS! A choice of steel or rubber handle is available on the Model's A350 & A450.

The rubber handle models may be used to a depth the length of the rubber handle. The steel handle model may be used to the depth of the exhaust ports
(3 feet). Units include an oiler, throttle valve and air strainer.

The external pneumatic models A250F and A350F bolt to the concrete forms and is used separately or in a series as required.

Great new products from DCV Hand held pneumatic power unit (PPU) to drive flexible shaft heads with compressed air: This unique air motor produces 10,000 - 18,000 vpm and requires only 40 cfm @ 90 psi. Recommended for shaft lengths of 20' maximum and heads sizes 1 " and less, this unit comes complete with oiler, strainer and valve, and can also be equipped with the Quick release option if desired. Pneumatic power unit - flexible shaft head Pneumatic power unit - flexible shaft head

Great new products from DCV Form Vibrator: The new A250F form vibrator is similar to our popular A350F but producesForm Vibrator about the shake. The mount is the same for interchangeability.

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