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High Cycle

high cycle - three-phase low induction electric motor within the vibrator head...High Cycle - High cycle means just what the name implies. The 180 Hz frequency maximizes the efficiency of the three-phase low induction electric motor located within the vibrator head. Ideal where extended lengths are required.

The high efficiency is due in part to the motor’s high torque as well as constant speed. It is ideal for low slump concrete.The High Cycle vibrator's area ofrecommended for general heavy construction... effect in low slump concrete is superior for large concrete placement jobs.

The high Cycle Vibrator is recommended for general heavy construction, for example, bridges, walls, or roadways, etc.

Insulated heads for epoxy coated rebar applications: Now available for jobs that require a cushioned head to protect the epoxy rebar, we offer 1 3/4", 2" and 2 ½" insulated heads for both our flexible shaft units and High Cycle units. Pneumantic heads can also be insulated.

High Cycle features:
A steel or interchangeable rubber nose. 0 ringO-ring sealed for total moisture proofing.
Large capacity dual eccentric bearings for longer bearing life. Large motor bearings for longer bearing life.
eccentric barrelReplaceable eccentric barrel for minimal repair costs. Repairable in the field with standard tools.
High eccentric value for large radius of effect. The eccentric barrel and center section are both hardened steel to withstand heavy usage.

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